Creek Update: September drives on with plenty of ‘golf weather’ left

img_3536It’s been an exciting two week stretch here at Silver Creek Golf Club in Waterloo. As the regular season has come to a close, we’ve had plenty of play on the course with weekday leagues holding their annual year-end tournaments.

They say fall golf is great because of the weather — but who could overlook how well the course takes off with the cooler, damp nights before the leaves start to fall.

Here at Silver Creek the leaves haven’t started changing color, or falling, which means players are still getting that mid-summer feel out there on the course.

They’re also getting that feeling thanks to the continued hard work of Superintendent Paul Clark and his entire staff. A HUGE thank you to him and his entire team — for making the 2016 season one of the most-successful in the history of the club.

The endless hours spent on mowers, digging new drainage lines earlier in the year, and making additions as necessary to keep the course in pristine condition during the dry summer — is exactly what makes Silver Creek one of the best golf courses in the Finger Lakes.

On top of that, combating the hellishly hot and dry summer with countless hours on the course at night — watering the golf course with his team — was clearly a difference maker as golfers came into the pro shop telling us just how much they loved the course.

Once again, the golf course is getting primed up for the club championship — which means slightly faster greens over the next few weeks. Any member interested in participating in this year’s club championship can call the pro shop at (315) 539-8076 — or come right in to sign up on the board.

Competition will begin Saturday morning, with open qualifying and flighted play for the remaining divisions — and will wrap up on Sunday afternoon as the championship flight makes their way out to the course.

There is PLENTY of time for open golf, though throughout these final weeks of summer/fall. If you’d like to get out to play this month — contact the pro shop, or stop in. Even as the days are getting shorter — there is still a ton of time left in the season.

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