Creek Update: September kicks off with a hole-in-one!

Hole in OneIt was an exciting week at Silver Creek Golf Club, as we welcomed the unofficial end to summer.

Don’t let the calendar scare you, though – the weather looks fantastic for the next two weeks! That also means that the unofficial start to fall is here. Who doesn’t love fall golf?!

We have some scattered tournaments throughout the month of September, including the Silver Creek Club Championship, which will be held September 24th and 25th. The course continues to receive outstanding reviews – thanks to the tireless efforts of Superintendent Paul Clark and his staff. They have been working around-the-clock to ensure that Silver Creek Golf Club delivers the best golfing experience in the Finger Lakes.

Leagues are coming to a close at Silver Creek, and we will be providing a recap of winners, as well as final standings for those leagues as they wrap up their 2016 season. Look for those results in the coming weeks right here in the weekly update.

One of Silver Creek’s favorite members collected his third hole-in-one on Sunday. Cliff “Champ” Stein managed to get a GREAT hole-in-one on the 14th hole with a tough – front-right – pin placement. It was a 160 yard shot that landed on the collar of the green, and released right into the cup.

Anyone interested in participating in this year’s club championship – simply come to the pro shop to find out all of the details. The event will run two days, featuring a play-in round for qualifying – and final competition on the second day.

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