CREEK UPDATE: Rainy April, Youth Golf making a return

It’s been an interesting couple weeks at Silver Creek Golf Club.

While the course is getting closer-than-ever to being in mid-season form — some rain a little more than a week ago was a temporary setback.

However, thanks to the incredible efforts of the grounds crew — including Superintendent Paul Clark — the course was returned to tip-top shape just a couple days after heavy rains hammered the back nine.

Aside from that we have updated membership forms, the latest rates for memberships, and will be updating our rate listing for non-member play in the coming days and weeks.

We’re also proud to announce another year of the Youth Golf Program, sponsored by the Waterloo and Seneca Falls Recreation Departments.

These two agencies work hard throughout the year to produce an impressive four-week event that takes place every Wednesday.

While it was a dry, and hot July last year when campers took to the course, it was still an overwhelming success. That’s why we look forward to putting on the event again this year.

“It’s great. The program is run by some great people and it says a lot about the two communities,” Owner and Operator Norm Sharman said after the 2017 dates were announced.

“It’s great to see young people engaged in the game,” he added. “We’ve definitely seen a surge in young people getting out, and that’s what’s important for the long-term health of the game.”

Silver Creek will be posting all the details about this great youth program this week for those interested in taking part.

As always, remember to call the pro shop to plan your next outing. Even as temperatures look like they’ll be cooling off in the coming week — the course will still be primed for play!